Eurotrail tents

Eurotrail has been a leader in the camping sector for years. With chairs, tables, camping crockery, self-inflating sleeping mats and last but not least with tents.

Eurotrail therefore makes the most beautiful tents, but has given a nice price to these products, so that anyone who wants to camp can buy a nice, high-quality tent.

Eurotrail dome tent.

You will find various dome tents in the Eurotrail collection. Eurotrail has the cheaper dome tents that are ideal for a festival or weekend away. Eurotrail also has cotton dome tents. These in turn are ideal to place next to the caravan or family tent.

Eurotrail tunnel tent

Tunnel tents have been available in the Netherlands for years, but I can certainly remember the time when we Dutch people still went out with a pyramid tent or a bungalow tent. Just as well as the first tunnel tents that went massively over the counter in our frog country. Active Leisure was the brand at that time and tunnel tents such as the MPT, Canyon, Sierra, not to mention the well-known Brixen, led the market. Active Leisure, which, like Eurotrail, is made by Van Bergen Sport International, a company from Mijdrecht, had the luxury line of tunnel tents under the name Acive Leisure and the affordable line under Eurotrail. A lot has happened since then and it was decided to also bring the luxury tunnel tents under the Eurotrail label. The Inflatable tents and all other luxury models can now also be found under 1 brand name. Of course we all miss the Active Leisure brands and also Red deer, which also belonged to mountains of sports. However, things change continuously, but fortunately what has remained with Eurotrail is the cotton tunnel tent at a reasonable price. Fortunately, some things never change.

Eurotrail inflatable tent.

Inflatable tents have really been an integral part of the Dutch market since the years 2006 to the present. The brand that introduced these tents here was Kampa from England. Inflatable tents had many problems in the early years, but a lot has been learned by the manufacturers. Inflatable tents have become solid, stable, wear-resistant tents that can be built and dismantled within a few minutes. However, we still recommend the pole tent if you leave the tent for a longer period. Blowing and deflating according to the heat is then not necessary.

Eurotrail cotton tent.

Cotton tents that we now see on the market are not actually cotton tents but polycotton tents. The advantage is that cotton tents are breathable and therefore less warm than the polyester tent. However, you should always store the cotton tent in a dry place.
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