Fryer and air fryer

A delicious frikandel or the well-known croquette. 
Who doesn't love a tasty snack from the chip shop?
While we had a deep fryer on the gas stove a long time ago, we have been using the electric deep fryer for years and the Airfryer for a few years now. What are the pros and cons for the deep fryer and for the air fryer. If you like a tasty croquette, I still rely on the traditional deep fryer.
The croquette gives a slightly better taste in my opinion and also has a slightly more crispy effect.
On the other hand, you can make extremely tasty dishes in an air fryer and I even managed to bake bread in an air fryer. In comparison, the air fryer is a lot healthier because you consume much less fat and the hot air fryer is
also a lot cheaper to use since the frying oil and/or fat are not cheap with the traditional deep fryer. As far as I'm concerned, cleaning the air fryer is much easier than cleaning the deep fryer.
There you have to remove the fat and try to put it back in a bottle so that you can take it away and then clean the pan thoroughly.
You can often simply wipe an air fryer clean and if you use a handy insert you can put it in the trash or in the dishes. You see. There are arguments for and against. But I'd like to leave the choice up to you. And if you really don't know, use a traditional deep fryer for snacks and easily prepare all other delicacies in the air fryer.
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