Sleeping during your holiday

Sleeping during the holidays is next to food and shelter the most important thing there is. If you don't have a good night's sleep, you will also have a less enjoyable holiday. Broken in the morning, hours before you feel comfortable again, not really something that leaves you with nice memories of the holiday.

A nice holiday therefore starts with 3 important aspects.

1) During the holidays you need shelter. A place to shelter when it rains, a cozy space where you can have breakfast, play games or just sleep it off. We have selected the best tents for the lowest prices.

A holiday with a backpack is done with a lightweight tent. If you go to a campsite with your family, you choose a family tent.

2) During the holidays, good food is first name. Of course you can go for convenience and eat where you are at the time. this often gives you a good impression of the local cuisine. It is more fun and a lot cheaper when you prepare your own food and enjoy it on your camping pitch. For this you need cooking equipment, either a barbecue, a burner, or a cooking stove. You also need crockery and cutlery, possibly supplemented with a drinking bottle or a drinking cup.

3) When you are traveling, with a tent, a flying holiday or any holiday, sleeping well is perhaps the most important thing there is. In a hotel you often have a bed that is worthless in terms of comfort, in a hostel sheets that cannot be called really clean, and you go with the tent you would lie on the ground if you did not take something with you to get on and in or to sleep under.

An air mattress is the most sold to sleep on. you have air mattresses with electric pump. Wonderfully thick so that you can easily stand up. Air mattresses for on the water. Totally not suitable for a good night's sleep. Air mattresses that are insulated so that the cold does not penetrate so easily. Ideal for a lightweight trip to a cold area. Sleeping mats, cheap but not really comfortable and also self-inflating mats. They have excellent comfort depending on which type you choose. We are happy to explain this to you if you have any questions about it. Can we immediately discuss the purchase of a good travel pillow and suitable sleeping bag.

In this section you will find the PVC air mattresses, usually with a velor top layer. A good, not too expensive solution for children who go on a school camp, stay with someone else and receive a guest, and many other trips. Please note: these air mattresses are not suitable for use on the water.

When you choose an air mattress, it is advisable to determine the size of the room where you want to use this product. For example, an extra thick air mattress, usually equipped with an electric pump, is less suitable for the sleeping cabin of a camping tent. The air mattresses are too high and the edges of a tent are slanted, so that at a height of 30 cm there is already less space.

If you opt for an air mattress without a built-in pump, I advise you to take a good look at the pump you purchase to fill the air mattress during your holiday. An electric pump cannot be used everywhere. If there is no socket, you cannot plug it in. A double action pump or a foot pump is very easy to use and can be used anywhere. A foot pump will cost you less force, a double action air pump fills the air mattress faster. A choice that is simple, but must be well thought out.

There is also plenty to choose from when it comes to what keeps you warm during the night. You can choose a sleeping bag. You have these in many models, such as a tapered sleeping bag that we also call a mummy model. A straight model, which we call a blanket model, and with the blanket models there are also types available with a hood. the hooded blanket.

In addition to sleeping bags, you can opt for a duvet, and of course a fitted sheet. A sleeping bag keeps less warm. the air can escape to the side. When it is warm, however, this can be pleasant. If it is too cold, you can also take a sheet bag with you as an option. a very thin sleeping bag that you lie down in to crawl under your duvet.

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