The days are getting longer, the weather is getting comfortable and we are eager to enjoy a pleasant evening with our family, relatives and friends again. The barbecue can be taken out of the garage, wet cloth over it and the start of a wonderful evening is made.

The story I just told you is great, of course. But what if your bbq is too small, worn out or if you don't have a barbecue at all.

You are presented with a huge choice by all manufacturers who make the most beautiful products that you can choose from. You can opt for a small disposable bbq when you are on the road, for example a slightly larger model for when you want to use it more often, and you want to use it more often, but you can also choose a nice foldable bbq when you are on the road. the foldable barbecues are of course all for use with charcoal.

When you look at the foldable bbqs, I advise you to look at the quality of the brands. Uco is a brand that, for example, makes very beautiful barbecues that are extremely compact to transport.

If you look at a small bbq that does not have to be foldable, your choice suddenly becomes a lot bigger.

There are small gas barbecues, small electric barbecues and small charcoal barbecues.

You have BBQs with a lid and BBQs without a lid. There are spherical bbq, straight bbq, cylinder bbqs and many more.

You can also, for example, opt for a fire bowl for barbecuing. With a fire bowl as a bbq, you still have a very nice product to bring some light and warmth into the evening, even after you have eaten.

We have selected the most beautiful bbqs, fire bowls and accessories for you. All are so that you do not pay for a brand but for a certain quality.
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