Cord lock

Cord stoppers are frequently used in shoes, for faster tying of laces, sweaters, jackets and other items of clothing, but also in tents, for example in the tent bag.

A cord stopper is available in many types and also in various colors.

In our range you will find the plastic cord stopper in various variants, such as a variant that has 2 holes and is ideal for closing a backpack or tightening a hood. Some of us will say a 2 hole cord stopper or 2 hole cord stopper as we call them.

There are also various cord stoppers that only have 1 hole and sometimes 2 cords fit through so that tensioning 2 cords still works, but often the effort is in vain and it is better to take the variant with 2 holes in a case like that and the cord topper with 1. use the hole to tighten a jacket around your waist or something like that.

The cord stopper, which we always refer to as a cord lock, is made of plastic and metal.

The plastic cord locks are lighter in weight and also very strong, but a metal cord stopper is of course always a bit stronger. The disadvantage of a metal version is that it is sometimes no longer usable due to rust formation. However, I think the metal cord lock is a lot nicer to look at.

We have cord stoppers in so many models that you can hardly imagine anything so crazy. A cord stopper in the shape of a cow, a bear or a bone are some examples of cord stoppers that I could easily have in my collection.

If you are a tougher person, you may be more attracted to a cord lock in the shape of a grenade.

Then you have the well-known color cord stopper and that is of course a black cord topper. But we also have the pink, yellow, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, gray, red and white cord stopper. 

We also have transparent models or models in transparent plastic. You have these in neutral but also in all kinds of colors. For example, you have colored the cord lock ball transparent, in which almost all colors are available.

In addition to the cord stopper, there is also the cord end. These are to be placed at the end of a cord so that it cannot slip into the cord slot.

You already read it. Many cord stoppers, cord lock, cord end, cord end and whatever you say. The function always remains the same. Locking or stopping a cord.
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