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Camping chairs.

You're going camping. You have found a tent, an air mattress is already in your shopping cart, 
you are still unsure about the sleeping bag, but there is still an important question you need to answer. What are you going to sit on this holiday? Which camping chair suits you? There are many different camping chairs. You have the well-known reclining chair. The reclining chairs are comfortable and in many cases can be expanded with a footrest and a pillow. The position chair is ideal at the dining table. has a good height and is very comfortable. You have a position chair with 4 separate legs and a sled leg that has a
little more load-bearing capacity on loose ground. Reclining chairs are available with padded seats that are comfortable,
but if you sit on them with wet clothes or accidentally leave them in the rain, they will be wet for a long time. You also have the reclining chairs with a sturdy mesh seat. This is Textilene or Batylene. This allows water to pass through and is therefore ideal for campers. You have the compact folding chair. Folding chairs are ideal for the camper. They are compact and therefore easy to take with you on holiday. There are lightweight folding chairs made of aluminum and folding chairs with a steel frame.
The aluminum ones are lighter in weight but also usually a bit higher in price. There are folding chairs for the camper who needs lightweight and compact,
such as for a cycling holiday or for the backpacker. There are also folding chairs for those who prefer extra comfort.
There are folding chairs where the backrest can be moved back for relaxing and even folding (rocking) chairs.
Although the swing folding chair goes a bit far for my camping holiday. It feels great and is very relaxing. Well-known chairs for holidays are the beach chairs. Beach chairs come in a huge number of variants and that makes sense since beach chairs are used on the sand,
but also at landscaped beach puddles where you often stand on grass. There are parts where you have to move the chair a long way before you have a place to sit,
so you look for a lightweight chair or a chair with wheels so that you can immediately wheel your luggage to your relaxing spot.
and there are plenty of chairs and of course sunbeds where you sometimes even have a sun visor. Start your holiday relaxed on a lounge chair. The name says it all. A relaxing chair is really meant to offer you rest so that you can continue relaxing.
You can find relaxing chairs from very cheap to very expensive. With a relaxation chair, take particular account of where and how it is used. For example,
if it is left standing in the rain at the pool or in the garden, an aluminum frame and mesh cloth is ideal.
If you store it neatly inside and keep it dry, it is better to go for a steel frame and padded cloth.
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