Find a tent on the size

Looking for a tent? if you are not familiar with the materials or brands, it is easy to purchase a tent that meets the number of people with whom you will use the tent.

You have 1-person tents. These are generally the lightweight tents that you use for a walking holiday or cycling holiday.

Then you get the 2-person tents. These are often lightweight tents, but an exception is the side tent. A side tent is usually a small dome tent. If you place this tent for several weeks in a row, it is best to opt for a cotton tent. A 2-person tent is often used for only 1 person.

With a 3-person tent you also have a choice of lightweight tents, but dome tents and tunnel tents are also available for 3 people. There are even 3-person family tents so that you can also stand in the tent.

The 4-person tents are usually family tents, but there are also 4-person lightweight tents, 4-person dome tents and 4-person inflatable tents.

You see less 5-person tents. However, these are ideal for a family with 1 child. The parents can use the large 3-person sleeping cabin and their son or daughter can use a 2-person sleeping area

6-person tents are the real family tents that are often used for a holiday of several weeks on 1 camping pitch. There are 6-person tipi tents, 6-person inflatable tents, 6-person tunnel tents and also 6-person dome tents. Usually you use a 6 person tent with a family where 2 children go on holiday.

There are of course also larger tents for sale. You see a lot of 8-person tents in England, group tents often used in scouting.
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