FBT MDS-1060 Amplifier

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FBT MDS-1060 Amplifier - beschadigde doos 

  • MP3 file player via USB, SD, MMC card
  • FM digital tuner
  • n°3 MIC./LINE inputs with operating mode selector switches
  • n°1 VOX input (MIC/LINE 1)
  • n°1 auxiliary input for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
  • XLR sockets for connection to dynamic microphones and/or MBT 6400S microphone bases 
  • Terminal strip for speakers output (25-50-100V/4ohm)
  • Terminal strip for external 24 Vdc power supply
  • Terminal strip for microphone precedence
  • Possibility to connect an external equalizer and/or booster
  • Selectable main power (230/120Vac)
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